1.  16
    The Ethical Foundations of Responsible Investment.Paul H. Dembinski, Jean-Michel Bonvin, Edouard Dommen & François-Marie Monnet - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 48 (2):203 - 213.
    In the area of investment, responsibility may be expressed via four types of ethical concern: value-based ethics resulting in the exclusion of so-called "vicious" companies from the investment portfolio; fructification-oriented ethics with a view to long-term investment; consequence-based ethics aimed at initiating a behavioural change in the investment target; and ethics envisaged as a discriminating criterion in the search of the best financial performance. No single formula of responsible investment is available, and the "responsible" approach necessarily implies the active involvement (...)
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  2.  64
    Ethical Issues in Financial Activities.Jean-Michel Bonvin & Paul H. Dembinski - 2002 - Journal of Business Ethics 37 (2):187 - 192.
    The financial sector likes to call itself a "service industry". As such, its role is to guarantee the fluidity of transactions which are essential to economic activity by ensuring the best possible use of available capital. If finance is a service activity, it is important to specify what services it renders, to whom, in return for what, and for what purpose. In the absence of such clarification, finance may slide out of control and be left at the mercy of mass (...)
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    The Incompleteness of the Economy and Business: A Forceful Reminder. [REVIEW]Paul H. Dembinski - 2011 - Journal of Business Ethics 100 (S1):29-40.
    Many different but related arguments developed in the Caritas in Veritate converge on one central, yet not clearly stated, conclusion or thesis: economic and business activities are ‘incomplete’. This article will explore the above-mentioned ‘incompleteness’ thesis or argument from three different perspectives: the role, the practice and the purpose of economic and business activities in contemporary societies. In doing so, the paper will heavily draw on questions and, still not fully learned, lessons derived from the present financial and economic crisis. (...)
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