R. H. Brown [3]R. Hanbury Brown [1]
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    The relation of size of stimulus and intensity in the human eye: I. Intensity thresholds for white light.C. H. Graham, R. H. Brown & F. A. Mote - 1939 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 24 (6):555.
  2. The Wisdom of Science: Its Relevance to Culture and Religion.R. Hanbury Brown - 1986 - Cambridge University Press.
    We live in a culture which, while largely dependent on science for its material welfare, is largely ignorant of the new ideas and perspectives on which science is based. This book examines the true significance of science and technology for society over the last three hundred years. Professor Hanbury Brown's insight and experience have resulted in a novel approach to the discussion of the cultural role of science. After reviewing the history of how science grew to be both useful to, (...)
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    Pupil dilatation and dark adaptation.R. H. Brown & H. E. Page - 1939 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 25 (4):347.
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    The relation between foveal intensity threshold and length of an illuminated slit.R. H. Brown & J. I. Niven - 1944 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 34 (6):464.