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    Economic Methodology: An Inquiry.Sheila C. Dow - 2002 - Oxford University Press UK.
    'An extremely readable book that should provoke both economists and students of economic methodology to think more deeply about what they are doing.' Roger E. Backhouse, Professor of the History and Philosophy of Economics, University of BirminghamEconomic Methodology provides an accessible introduction to the subject-matter of and literature on the methodology of economics. It presents issues in economics in order to demonstrate the need for methodological awareness and debate. The core of the book then explains the content and development of (...)
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    Structured Pluralism.Sheila C. Dow - 2004 - Journal of Economic Methodology 11 (3):275-290.
    The purpose of this paper is to consider how far the notion of schools of thought is compatible with methodological pluralism. Should economics instead be categorised simply as pluralist or non?pluralist? The notion of structured pluralism is developed, where categories, connections and (crucially) absence of connection apply at a variety of levels. Schools of thought provide some of that (provisional, mutable) structure, encapsulating, among other things, the use of language within each community. Awareness, and understanding, of the different categories and (...)
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    Reorienting Economics: Some Epistemological Issues.Sheila C. Dow - 2004 - Journal of Economic Methodology 11 (3):307-312.
    Criticizes the book "Reorienting Economics," by Tony Lawson. Emphasis on the character of the middle ground between positivism and relativism; Conception of reality implicit in economic practice; Inconsistency between the methodology of orthodox economics.
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    Different Approaches to the Financial Crisis.Sheila C. Dow - 2012 - Economic Thought 1 (1).
    The economic crisis has exposed shortcomings in standard economic theory and provided an impetus for new economic thinking. But the theoretical debate in the wake of the crisis has been unduly constrained by the terms of the mainstream approach to economic theory. Like any approach, it is characterised by a way of framing reality, giving meaning to terms and setting criteria for good argument. It also determines how any economic theory is understood, whether from the history of economic thought or (...)
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  5. 2 Critical Realism and Economics.Sheila C. Dow - 2003 - In Paul Downward (ed.), Applied Economics and the Critical Realist Critique. Routledge. pp. 12.
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    Formalism, Rationality, and Evidence: The Case of Behavioural Economics.Sheila C. Dow - 2013 - Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 6 (3):26.
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    Methodology in a Pluralist Environment.Sheila C. Dow - 2001 - Journal of Economic Methodology 8 (1):33-40.
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    Codes of Ethics for Economists: A Pluralist View.Sheila C. Dow - 2013 - Economic Thought 2 (1).
    Within the discussion of ethics and economics some have considered designing a code of ethics for economists. But the idea of such a code is potentially problematic from a pluralist standpoint. Some possibilities are discussed here to show that any code concerning the behaviour of economists presumes a particular view of human nature and thus of professionalism. Further, issues of socio-economic power in the profession pose problems for the interpretation and implementation of some possible principles, notably those referring to standards (...)
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    Comment on John Davis's 'A Methodological Perspective on Economic Modelling and the Global Pandemic'.Sheila C. Dow - 2022 - Economic Thought 10 (2):9.
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    On Keynes's Method, Anna Carabelli. London: Macmillan, 1988, Xi + 369 Pages.Keynes: Philosophy, Economics and Politics: The Philosophical Foundations of Keynes's Thought and Their Influence on His Economics and Politics, Roderick M. O'Donnell. London: Macmillan, 1989, Xi + 417 Pages. [REVIEW]Sheila C. Dow - 1991 - Economics and Philosophy 7 (1):132-139.
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    Fuzzy Logic and Keynes's Speculative Demand for Money.Sheila C. Dow & Dipak Ghosh - 2009 - Journal of Economic Methodology 16 (1):57-69.
    The purpose of the paper is to explore the potential for using fuzzy logic to analyse economic decision?making under Keynesian uncertainty, and in particular in circumstances where variety of opinion is important. Fuzzy logic is shown to apply where expectations may differ because the nature of the subject matter impedes any ?crisp? way of describing the underlying variables. The particular case of the speculative demand for money is considered, since it explicitly reflects variety of opinion as to whether interest rates (...)
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    Introduction.Sheila C. Dow - 2003 - Journal of Economic Methodology 10 (3):283-283.
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    Kuhn's Paradigms and Neoclassical Economics: A Comment: Sheila C. Dow.Sheila C. Dow - 1994 - Economics and Philosophy 10 (1):119-122.