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    Game logic and its applications I.Mamoru Kaneko & Takashi Nagashima - 1996 - Studia Logica 57 (2-3):325 - 354.
    This paper provides a logic framework for investigations of game theoretical problems. We adopt an infinitary extension of classical predicate logic as the base logic of the framework. The reason for an infinitary extension is to express the common knowledge concept explicitly. Depending upon the choice of axioms on the knowledge operators, there is a hierarchy of logics. The limit case is an infinitary predicate extension of modal propositional logic KD4, and is of special interest in applications. In Part I, (...)
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    Game logic and its applications II.Mamoru Kaneko & Takashi Nagashima - 1997 - Studia Logica 58 (2):273-303.
    This paper provides a Genzten style formulation of the game logic framework GLm (0 m ), and proves the cut-elimination theorem for GLm. As its application, we prove the term existence theorem for GL used in Part I.
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    An Extension of the Craig-Sch^|^uuml;tte Interpolation Theorem.Takashi Nagashima - 1966 - Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science 3 (1):12-18.
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    A map of common knowledge logics.Mamoru Kaneko, Takashi Nagashima, Nobu-Yuki Suzuki & Yoshihito Tanaka - 2002 - Studia Logica 71 (1):57-86.
    In order to capture the concept of common knowledge, various extensions of multi-modal epistemic logics, such as fixed-point ones and infinitary ones, have been proposed. Although we have now a good list of such proposed extensions, the relationships among them are still unclear. The purpose of this paper is to draw a map showing the relationships among them. In the propositional case, these extensions turn out to be all Kripke complete and can be comparable in a meaningful manner. F. Wolter (...)
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