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Zev Bechler
Tel Aviv University
  1. Newton's 1672 optical controversies: a study in the grammar of scientific dissent.Zev Bechler - 1974 - In Yehuda Elkana & Samuel Sambursky (eds.), The Interaction Between Science and Philosophy. Atlantic Highlands, N.J., Humanities Press. pp. 115--142.
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    ‘A Less Agreeable Matter’: The Disagreeable Case of Newton and Achromatic Refraction.Zev Bechler - 1975 - British Journal for the History of Science 8 (2):101-126.
    There is no evidence to suggest that even as late as January 1672, when Newton was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, anyone had any inkling of his new theory of colours. His name exploded on the scientific scene as the inventor and constructor of a new kind of telescope—what later became known as the reflector . Had the erudition of the London virtuosi been a little broader, they would have known that in fact he was not the inventor (...)
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    The Essence and Soul of Seventeenth-Century Scientific Revolution.Zev Bechler - 1987 - Science in Context 1 (1):87-101.
    The ArgumentThe inclusion of an item within a theory may be essential or accidental, and if the former then the explanation of its meaning and of its inclusion in the theory cannot be by accidental events and circumstances. Since all events and circumstances – be they social, political, religious, psychological, etc. – are accidental vis-à-vis the ideas they occasion, they cannot serve as explanation of these ideas. The only way to explain the ideas is by showing their essentiality to the (...)
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    Appearance m this list does not preclude a future review of the book. Where they are known prices are either given in $ US or in£ UK. Agazzi, E. and Cordero, A., Philosophy and the Origin and Evolution of the Universe, Dordrecht, Netherlands, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991, pp. 466,£ 64.00 Agazzi, Evandro, The Problem of Reductiomsm in Science, Dordrecht, Netherlands, Klu. [REVIEW]Robert E. Alhnson, Julia Annas, John P. Anton, Preus Anthony, Nigel Ashford, Stephen Davies, Zev Bechler, Radu J. Bogdan & Stephen E. Braude - 1992 - Mind 101.
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    Hintikka on Plenitude in Aristotle.Zev Bechler - 1997 - Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities 51:5-18.