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    Levels of functional equivalence in reverse bioengineering: The Darwinian Turing test for artificial life.Stevan Harnad - 1994 - Artificial Life 1 (3):93-301.
    Both Artificial Life and Artificial Mind are branches of what Dennett has called "reverse engineering": Ordinary engineering attempts to build systems to meet certain functional specifications, reverse bioengineering attempts to understand how systems that have already been built by the Blind Watchmaker work. Computational modelling (virtual life) can capture the formal principles of life, perhaps predict and explain it completely, but it can no more be alive than a virtual forest fire can be hot. In itself, a computational model is (...)
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  2. Computer Viruses as Artificial Life.Eugene H. Spafford - 1994 - Artificial Life 1 (3):249–265.
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