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    Mastering Emotions or Still Losing Control? Seeking Public Engagement with 'Sexual Infidelity' Homicide.Adrian Howe - 2013 - Feminist Legal Studies 21 (2):141-161.
    This article explores the prospects and pitfalls faced by a feminist legal scholar wanting to set up a ‘sexual infidelity’ homicide public engagement project. Following Carol Smart’s suggestion that law is an important site of engagement, counter-discourse and critical feminist interventions, it argues that provocation by infidelity femicide cases are ideal sites for continuing the project of encouraging discursive struggle. The cases cry out for conversion into a critical, pedagogical means of mobilising consciousness about emotional excuses for violence against women.
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    Provoking Polemic – Provoked Killings and the Ethical Paradoxes of the Postmodern Feminist Condition.Adrian Howe - 2002 - Feminist Legal Studies 10 (1):39-64.
    The argument that the provocation defence is adeeply sexed excuse for murder and should beabolished is often dismissed as polemical. Thisarticle challenges this subordinating strategyfavoured by the law of provocation's apologistsand continues to make the case againstprovocation. Drawing on a range of theoreticalapproaches to questions related to polemic,anger, and ethics, it strives to valorisefeminist and queer anger about provocation'svictim-blaming narratives, while remainingcognisant of poststructuralistproblematisations of both law and law reform.
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  3. Beveridge, Fiona, 209, 299, 313 Brooks-Gordon, Belinda, 195 Buss, Doris, 91 Conaghan, Joanne, 177.Peter Goodrich, Emilie Hafner-Burton, Adrian Howe, Rosemary Hunter, Sally J. Kenney, Wendy Larcombe, Patricia Leighton, Ulrike Liebert, Jill Lovecy & Rachel Roth - 2002 - Feminist Legal Studies 10 (331).
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    Whose body is it anyway? Justice and the integrity of the person.Adrian Howe - 2010 - Contemporary Political Theory 9 (3):345-347.