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    Active Wakefulness and Paradoxical Sleep: Common Mechanisms?Alexander A. Borbély - 1978 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1 (3):487-487.
  2.  14
    Sleep Homeostasis.Alexander A. Borbély - 1986 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 9 (3):401-401.
  3.  72
    Sleep, Not Rem Sleep, is the Royal Road to Dreams.Alexander A. Borbély & Lutz Wittmann - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (6):911-912.
    The advent of functional imaging has reinforced the attempts to define dreaming as a sleep state-dependent phenomenon. PET scans revealed major differences between nonREM sleep and REM sleep. However, because dreaming occurs throughout sleep, the common features of the two sleep states, rather than the differences, could help define the prerequisite for the occurrence of dreams. [Hobson et al.; Nielsen; Solms; Revonsuo; Vertes & Eastman].
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