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    The ventral visual pathway: an expanded neural framework for the processing of object quality.Dwight J. Kravitz, Kadharbatcha S. Saleem, Chris I. Baker, Leslie G. Ungerleider & Mortimer Mishkin - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (1):26-49.
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    The neural basis of visual object learning.Hans P. Op de Beeck & Chris I. Baker - 2010 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 14 (1):22-30.
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    Remodeling human cortex through training: comment on May.Cibu Thomas & Chris I. Baker - 2012 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 16 (2):96-97.
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    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the Occipital Place Area Biases Gaze During Scene Viewing.George L. Malcolm, Edward H. Silson, Jennifer R. Henry & Chris I. Baker - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12:327695.
    We can understand viewed scenes and extract task-relevant information within a few hundred milliseconds. This process is generally supported by three cortical regions that show selectivity for scene images: parahippocampal place area (PPA), medial place area (MPA) and occipital place area (OPA). Prior studies have focused on the visual information each region is responsive to, usually within the context of recognition or navigation. Here, we move beyond these tasks to investigate gaze allocation during scene viewing. Eye movements rely on a (...)
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    Characteristic visuomotor influences on eye-movement patterns to faces and other high level stimuli.Joseph M. Arizpe, Vincent Walsh & Chris I. Baker - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Children perceive illusory faces in objects as male more often than female.Susan G. Wardle, Louise Ewing, George L. Malcolm, Sanika Paranjape & Chris I. Baker - 2023 - Cognition 235 (C):105398.
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