1. The Hippocampus: Hub of Brain Network Communication for Memory.Francesco P. Battaglia, Karim Benchenane, Anton Sirota, Cyriel M. A. Pennartz & Sidney I. Wiener - 2011 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 15 (7):310-318.
    A complex brain network, centered on the hippocampus, supports episodic memories throughout their lifetimes. Classically, upon memory encoding during active behavior, hippocampal activity is dominated by theta oscillations (6-10Hz). During inactivity, hippocampal neurons burst synchronously, constituting sharp waves, which can propagate to other structures, theoretically supporting memory consolidation. This 'two-stage' model has been updated by new data from high-density electrophysiological recordings in animals that shed light on how information is encoded and exchanged between hippocampus, neocortex and subcortical structures such as (...)
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    Identification and Integration of Sensory Modalities: Neural Basis and Relation to Consciousness.Cyriel M. A. Pennartz - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (3):718-739.
    A key question in studying consciousness is how neural operations in the brain can identify streams of sensory input as belonging to distinct modalities, which contributes to the representation of qualitatively different experiences. The basis for identification of modalities is proposed to be constituted by self-organized comparative operations across a network of unimodal and multimodal sensory areas. However, such network interactions alone cannot answer the question how sensory feature detectors collectively account for an integrated, yet phenomenally differentiated experiential content. This (...)
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    What is Exactly the Problem with Panpsychism?Cyriel M. A. Pennartz - 2022 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 45.
    Merker et al.'s critique calls for a deeper analysis of panpsychism. In principle, the concept of integrated information can be applied to photodiodes and subatomic particles, but I suggest the main obstacle is the lack of any evidence to confirm the presence of consciousness. Also MRW's perspectivalist theory illustrates the difficulties in synthesizing a full-fledged theory of consciousness.
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