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  1. Corporate Cooptation of Organic and Fair Trade Standards.Daniel Jaffee & Philip H. Howard - 2010 - Agriculture and Human Values 27 (4):387-399.
    Recent years have seen a substantial increase in alternative agrifood initiatives that attempt to use the market to curtail the negative social and environmental effects of production and trade in a globalized food system. These alternatives pose a challenge to capital accumulation and the externalization of environmental costs by large agribusiness, trading and retail firms. Yet the success of these alternatives also makes them an inviting target for corporate participation. This article examines these dynamics through a case study of the (...)
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    Fair Trade Standards, Corporate Participation, and Social Movement Responses in the United States.Daniel Jaffee - 2010 - Journal of Business Ethics 92 (2):267 - 285.
    This article examines the development of and contestation over the standards for certified fair trade, with particular attention to the U.S. context. It charts fair trade's rapid growth in the United States since the 1999 advent of formal certification, explores the controversies generated by the strategy of market mainstreaming in the sector, and focuses on five key issues that have generated particularly heated contention within the U.S. fair trade movement. It offers a theoretical framework based in the literatures on agrifood (...)
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    Who’s the Fairest of Them All? The Fractured Landscape of U.S. Fair Trade Certification.Daniel Jaffee & Philip H. Howard - 2016 - Agriculture and Human Values 33 (4):813-826.
    In recent years, consumers in the United States have been confronted by no fewer than four competing fair-trade labels, each grounded in a separate certification system and widely differing standards. This fracturing is partly a response to the recent split by the U.S. certifier Fair Trade USA from the international fair trade system, but also illustrates longstanding divisions within the fair trade movement. This article explores the dynamics of competition among nonstate standards through content analyses of fair trade standards documents (...)
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    Laura T. Raynolds, Douglas Murray, and John Wilkinson (Eds.): Fair Trade: The Challenges of Transforming Globalization. [REVIEW]Daniel Jaffee - 2008 - Agriculture and Human Values 25 (3):455-456.
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