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    Differential Patterns of Spontaneous Experiential Response to a Hypnotic Induction: A Latent Profile Analysis.Devin Blair Terhune & Etzel Cardeña - 2010 - Consciousness and Cognition 19 (4):1140-1150.
    A hypnotic induction produces different patterns of spontaneous experiences across individuals. The magnitude and characteristics of these responses covary moderately with hypnotic suggestibility, but also differ within levels of hypnotic suggestibility. This study sought to identify discrete phenomenological profiles in response to a hypnotic induction and assess whether experiential variability among highly suggestible individuals matches the phenomenological profiles predicted by dissociative typological models of high hypnotic suggestibility. Phenomenological state scores indexed in reference to a resting epoch during hypnosis were submitted (...)
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    Dissociated Control as a Signature of Typological Variability in High Hypnotic Suggestibility.Devin Blair Terhune, Etzel Cardeña & Magnus Lindgren - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (3):727-736.
    This study tested the prediction that dissociative tendencies modulate the impact of a hypnotic induction on cognitive control in different subtypes of highly suggestible individuals. Low suggestible , low dissociative highly suggestible , and high dissociative highly suggestible participants completed the Stroop color-naming task in control and hypnosis conditions. The magnitude of conflict adaptation was used as a measure of cognitive control. LS and LDHS participants displayed marginally superior up-regulation of cognitive control following a hypnotic induction, whereas HDHS participants’ performance (...)
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  3. Discrete Response Patterns in the Upper Range of Hypnotic Suggestibility: A Latent Profile Analysis.Devin Blair Terhune - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 33:334-341.
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    Enhanced Dimension-Specific Visual Working Memory in Grapheme–Color Synesthesia.Devin Blair Terhune, Olga Anna Wudarczyk, Priya Kochuparampil & Roi Cohen Kadosh - 2013 - Cognition 129 (1):123-137.
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    Methodological and Practical Issues Regarding Phenomenological Subtypes of Highly Suggestible Individuals: A Response to Kumar.Devin Blair Terhune & Etzel Cardeña - 2010 - Consciousness and Cognition 19 (4):1154-1155.
    In his commentary on our article on phenomenological subtypes of highly suggestible individuals , Kumar argues that methodological differences between our studies and previous research on highly suggestible subtypes temper our ability to link the two and that it is unclear whether the existence of phenomenological subtypes has implications for hypnotherapy. Although we agree that it is premature to make conclusive statements about highly suggestible subtypes, we argue that convergent findings across studies with different methodologies are especially salient because they (...)
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