Grigoris Antoniou [4]G. Antoniou [3]Giorgos Antoniou [2]
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    Index of Authors of Volume 8.B. Aldag, G. Antoniou, T. Aoto, P. Blackburn, K. Britz, M. Brown, A. Bundy, R. Cox, M. De Rijke & S. Demri - 1999 - Journal of Logic, Language, and Information 8 (485):485.
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    The Lost Atlantis of Objectivity: The Revisionist Struggles Between the Academic and Public Spheres.Giorgos Antoniou - 2007 - History and Theory 46 (4):92–112.
    This article examines the theoretical and methodological implications of the revisionist debates. It focuses on the political, academic, and moral dimensions of the process of rewriting history and its interrelation with the public sphere. The article examines the recent debate in Greece and compares it with case studies of Germany, Spain, Israel, the Soviet Union, and Ireland. It comments on the common elements of these cases and proposes a basic typology of the revisionist debates in terms of similarities and differences. (...)
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    Splitting Finite Default Theories: A Comparison of Two Approaches. [REVIEW]Grigoris Antoniou - 1999 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 8 (2):205-216.
    Default logic is computationally expensive. One of the most promising ways of easing this problem and developing powerful implementations is to split a default theory into smaller parts and compute extensions in a modular, local way. This paper compares two recent approaches, Turner's splitting and Cholewinski's stratification. It shows that the approaches are closely related – in fact the former can be viewed as a special case of the latter.
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  4. REVIEWS-Nonmonotonic Reasoning.G. Antoniou & Marek A. Suchenek - 2000 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 6 (4):484-489.
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