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    Gerd Sommerhoff (1990). Life, Brain, and Consciousness: New Perceptions Through Targeted Systems Analysis. Distributors for the U.S. And Canada, Elsevier Science Pub. Co..
    In this volume the author tackles this problem in a rigorous analysis which begins with the general dynamics of living systems and leads the reader step-by-step ...
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  2. Gerd Sommerhoff (2000). Understanding Consciousness: Its Function and Brain Processes. Sage Publications.
    “This is surely the ultimate expression of the top-down approach to consciousness, written with Sommerhoff's characteristic clarity and precision. It says far more than other books four times the size of this admirably concise volume. This book is destined to become a pillar of the subject.” —Rodney Cotterill, Technical University of Denmark The problem of consciousness has been described as a mystery about which we are still in a terrible muddle and in Understanding Consciousness: Its Function and Brain Processes, the (...)
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