Jerry Kapus [6]Jerry Steven Kapus [1]
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Jerry Kapus
University of Wisconsin, Stout
  1.  56
    Truth, Deflationism, and Success.Jerry Kapus - 2007 - The Proceedings of the Twenty-First World Congress of Philosophy 6:85-91.
    Intuitively, the concept of truth occupies a substantive role in explaining the contribution of our linguistic utterances to the success of our ordinary actions. However, this claim has been denied recently by advocates of deflationary theories of truth. Although the technical details of the various deflationary theories differ, these theories agree in claiming that the concept of truth does not have a significant role in explaining success and that the utility of the truth predicate consists mainly in its being a (...)
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  2. ``The Liar and the Prosentential Theory of Truth.''.Jerry Kapus - 1991 - Logique Et Analyse 34:283-291.
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  3.  38
    Philosophical Tales.Jerry Kapus - 2009 - Teaching Philosophy 32 (4):410-412.
  4.  23
    Realism, Deflationism, and Success.Jerry Kapus - 2008 - Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 15:75-81.
    Realism is often characterized by the claim that sentences are true or false in virtue of their ‘fit’ with reality. However, philosophers motivated by the deflationary view of truth argue that the formulation and defense of realism does not require a substantial conception of truth. The role of truth in stating and defendingrealism can be accounted for in terms of its being a device for expressing generalizations. I sketch the outline of an argument against this position. I begin with the (...)
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