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    Multivariate cross-classification: applying machine learning techniques to characterize abstraction in neural representations.Jonas T. Kaplan, Kingson Man & Steven G. Greening - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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    An equal start: absence of group differences in cognitive, social, and neural measures prior to music or sports training in children.Assal Habibi, Beatriz Ilari, Kevin Crimi, Michael Metke, Jonas T. Kaplan, Anand A. Joshi, Richard M. Leahy, David W. Shattuck, So Y. Choi, Justin P. Haldar, Bronte Ficek, Antonio Damasio & Hanna Damasio - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Error monitoring in the hemispheres: the effect of lateralized feedback on lexical decision.Jonas T. Kaplan & Eran Zaidel - 2001 - Cognition 82 (2):157-178.
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    Early noun lexicons in English and Japanese.Cégep Montmorency, Jonas T. Kaplan, Eran Zaidel, Frank E. Pollick, M. Helena, Anthony J. Sanford, Hanako Yoshida, Linda B. Smith, F. -Xavier Alario & Alfonso Caramazza - 2001 - Cognition 82 (2):B63-B74.
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    Listen to my actions!Jonas T. Kaplan & Marco Iacoboni - 2005 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (2):135-136.
    We believe that an account of the role of mirror neurons in language evolution should involve a greater emphasis on the auditory properties of these neurons. Mirror neurons in premotor cortex which respond to the visual and auditory consequences of actions allow for a modality-independent and agent-independent coding of actions, which may have been important for the emergence of language.
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