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  1. The African Ethic of Ubuntu/Botho: Implications for Research on Morality.Thaddeus Metz & Joseph B. R. Gaie - 2010 - Journal of Moral Education 39 (3):273-290.
    In this article we provide a theoretical reconstruction of sub-Saharan ethics that we argue is a strong competitor to typical Western approaches to morality. According to our African moral theory, actions are right roughly insofar as they are a matter of living harmoniously with others or honouring communal relationships. After spelling out this ethic, we apply it to several issues in both normative and empirical research into morality. With regard to normative research, we compare and contrast this African moral theory (...)
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    The Concept of Botho and Hiv/Aids in Botswana.Joseph B. R. Gaie & Sana Mmolai (eds.) - 2007 - Zapf Chancery.
    Ever since the publication of Placide Tempel's epoch-making work Bantu Philosophy, African philosophers have worked to dispel the myth that there is no metaphysics in Africa.
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  3. Boleswa Conference Proceedings 2001: God.Joseph B. R. Gaie, Leslie S. Nthoi & Johanna Stiebert (eds.) - 2002 - Dept. Of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Botswana.
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    The Ethics of Medical Involvement in Capital Punishment: A Philosophical Discussion.Joseph B. R. Gaie - 2004 - Kluwer Academic.
    This book examines the extremely important issue of the consistency of medical involvement in ending lives in medicine, law and war. It uses philosophical theory to show why medical doctors may be involved at different stages of the capital punishment process. The author uses the theories of Emmanuel Kant and John S. Mill, combined with Gerwith's principle of generic consistency, to concretize ethics in capital punishment practice. This book does not discuss the moral justification of capital punishment, but rather looks (...)
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