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    Moral Stress in International Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Operations: A Grounded Theory Study.Gerry Larsson, Kjell Kallenberg, Misa Sjöberg & Sofia Nilsson - 2011 - Ethics and Behavior 21 (1):49-68.
    Humanitarian aid professionals frequently encounter situations in which one is conscious of the morally appropriate action but cannot take it because of institutional obstacles. Dilemmas like this are likely to result in a specific kind of stress reaction at the individual level, labeled as moral stress. In our study, 16 individuals working with international humanitarian aid and rescue operations participated in semistructured interviews, analyzed in accordance with a grounded theory approach. A theoretical model of ethical decision making from a moral (...)
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    View of Life and Health.Kjell Kallenberg, Björn Söderfeldt & Gerry Larsson - 1997 - Archive for the Psychology of Religion 22 (1):237-249.
    The quest for causes behind health and sickness proposes deeper causes like personality and general view of life. Two such concepts have been shown to associate with health indicators in a systematic way, sense of coherence and view of life. Sense of coherence is defined as the sum of three factors, comprehensibility, manageability, and meaningfulness. View of life consists of three components, general theories of man and the world, a central value system, and a basic attitude. Two empirical studies are (...)
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    Three Years Later: Grief, View of Life, and Personal Crisis After Death of a Family Member.Kjell Kallenberg & Björn Söderfeldt - forthcoming - Journal of Palliative Care.
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