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  1. Kantian Marriage and Beyond: Why It Is Worth Thinking About Kant on Marriage.Lina Papadaki - 2010 - Hypatia 25 (2):276-294.
    Kant has famously argued that monogamous marriage is the only relationship where sexual use can take place "without degrading humanity and breaking the moral laws." Kantian marriage, however, has been the target of fierce criticisms by contemporary things: it has been regarded as flawed and paradoncal, as being deeply at odds with feminism, and, at best, as plainly uninteresting. In this paper, I argue that Kantian marriage can indeed survive these criticisms. Finally, the paper advances the discussion beyond marriage. Drawing (...)
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  2. What is Objectification?Lina Papadaki - 2010 - Journal of Moral Philosophy 7 (1):16-36.
    Objectification is a notion central to contemporary feminist theory. It has famously been associated with the work of anti-pornography feminists Catharine MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin, and more recently with the work of Martha Nussbaum. However, objectification is a notion that has not yet been adequately defined. It has been used rather vaguely to refer to a broad range of cases involving, in some way or another, the treatment of a person as an object. My purpose in this paper is to (...)
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    Treating Others Merely as Means: A Reply to Kerstein.Lina Papadaki - 2016 - Utilitas 28 (1):73-100.
    At the heart of Kantian theory lies the prohibition against treating humanity merely as a means. Two of the most influential interpretations of what this means are Wood's and O'Neill's. Drawing on these thinkers' ideas, Kerstein formulates two accounts of what is involved in the idea of treating a person merely as a means: the and accounts. Kerstein's attempt is to show that they are problematic. He introduces his to alleviate the problems they face. I argue that the end-sharing and (...)
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    Review of Sex, Love, and Gender: A Kantian Theory. [REVIEW]Lina Papadaki - 2021 - Con-Textos Kantianos 14:447-457.
    Review of: Varden, Helga, Sex, Love, and Gender: A Kantian Theory, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2020, 337 p. ISBN: 978-0198812838.
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    Schopenhauer on Death, Salvation and Consolation☆.Lina Papadaki - 2021 - Philosophical Investigations 44 (4):426-447.
    Philosophical Investigations, EarlyView.
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