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    Perception of Palliative Care and Euthanasia Among Recently Graduated and Experienced Nurses.Tomasz Brzostek, Wim Dekkers, Zbigniew Zalewski, Anna Januszewska & Maciej Górkiewicz - 2008 - Nursing Ethics 15 (6):761-776.
    Palliative care and euthanasia have become the subject of ethical and political debate in Poland. However, the voice of nurses is rarely heard. The aim of this study is to explore the perception of palliative care and euthanasia among recent university bachelor degree graduates and experienced nurses in Poland. Specific objectives include: self-assessment of the understanding of these terms, recognition of clinical cases, potential acceptability of euthanasia, and an evaluation of attitudes towards palliative care and euthanasia. This is an exploratory (...)
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    Using the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale to Classify Participants of a Questionnaire Survey with Regard to Their Individual Inclination to Respond at Random.Maciej Górkiewicz - 2014 - Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric 39 (1):89-103.
    In this study, the well-known CES-D depression scale was considered as a prototypical tool for assessing an individual’s inclination to respond at random. It was postulated that the set of the responses obtained from the participants of a questionnaire survey could be divided into three classes: the honest responses class; the pure random class, characterized by the same prob- ability of each admissible score; the smart random class, characterized by the same distribution of the probability of scores as in the (...)
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    Multi-Criteria Ranking Under Pareto Inclusive Criterion of Preference: An Application in Ranking Some Fungi Species with Respect to Their Toxicity.Agnieszka Gniadek, Izabela Chmiel & Maciej Górkiewicz - 2014 - Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric 39 (1):43-52.
    This study aims at demonstrating the usefulness of the Pareto in- clusive criterion methodology for comparative analyses of fungi toxicity. The toxicity of fungi is usually measured using a scale of several ranks. In practice, the ranks of toxicity are routinely grouped into only four conventional classes of toxicity: from a class of no toxicity, low toxicity, and moderate toxicity, to a class of high toxicity. The illustrative material included the N = 61 fungi samples obtained from three species: A. (...)
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