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    The Theme of Health in Nietzsche's Thought.Mark R. Letteri - 1990 - Man and World 23 (4):405-417.
  2.  35
    Thinking, Philosophical Counseling, and the Purity of Philosophical Method.Mark Letteri - 2002 - Philosophy in the Contemporary World 9 (2):75-80.
    In “A General Framework for Philosophical Counseling,” Hakam AI-Shawi argues that “philosophical counseling must ... avoid relyingon any first-order philosophical assumptions.” In this light, I explore whether and to what extent an applied Heideggerian approach to the amelioration of human life - in this case, Daseinsanalysis - satisfies this criterion. I focus on the orienting reality of a mortal, interpreting questioner dwelling in particular circumstances. Such an approach, as I construe it here, seems largely compatible with AI-Shawi’s understanding of what (...)
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    ModelAnswer: An Evaluation of Language in a Complex Argument.Mark Letteri - 2003 - Informal Logic 23 (1).
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    Model Answer: An Evaluation of a Complex Argument.Mark Letteri - 2003 - Informal Logic 23 (1).