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    Ethical reflection support for potential organ donors' relatives: A narrative review.Antoine Baumann, Nathalie Thilly, Liliane Joseph & Frédérique Claudot - 2022 - Nursing Ethics 29 (3):660-674.
    Background:Even in countries with an opt-out or presumed consent system, relatives have a considerable influence on the post-mortem organ harvesting decision. However, their reflection capacity may be compromised by grief, and they are, therefore, often prone to choose refusal as default option. Quite often, it results in late remorse and dissatisfaction. So, a high-quality reflection support seems critical to enable them to gain a stable position and a long-term peace of mind, and also avoid undue loss of potential grafts. In (...)
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    Chronic kidney disease: appropriateness of therapeutic management and associated factors in the AVENIR study.Nathalie Thilly, Stéphanie Boini, Michèle Kessler, Serge Briançon & Luc Frimat - 2009 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 15 (1):121-128.
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    Improving ACE inhibitor use in patients hospitalized with systolic heart failure: a cluster randomized controlled trial of clinical practice guideline development and use.Nathalie Thilly, Serge Briancon, Yves Juilliere, Edith Dufay & Faiez Zannad - 2003 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 9 (3):373-382.