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    Lowness and Π₂⁰ nullsets.Rod Downey, Andre Nies, Rebecca Weber & Liang Yu - 2006 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 71 (3):1044-1052.
    We prove that there exists a noncomputable c.e. real which is low for weak 2-randomness, a definition of randomness due to Kurtz, and that all reals which are low for weak 2-randomness are low for Martin-Löf randomness.
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    Totally ω-computably enumerable degrees and bounding critical triples.Rod Downey, Noam Greenberg & Rebecca Weber - 2007 - Journal of Mathematical Logic 7 (2):145-171.
    We characterize the class of c.e. degrees that bound a critical triple as those degrees that compute a function that has no ω-c.e. approximation.
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    Lowness for effective Hausdorff dimension.Steffen Lempp, Joseph S. Miller, Keng Meng Ng, Daniel D. Turetsky & Rebecca Weber - 2014 - Journal of Mathematical Logic 14 (2):1450011.
    We examine the sequences A that are low for dimension, i.e. those for which the effective dimension relative to A is the same as the unrelativized effective dimension. Lowness for dimension is a weakening of lowness for randomness, a central notion in effective randomness. By considering analogues of characterizations of lowness for randomness, we show that lowness for dimension can be characterized in several ways. It is equivalent to lowishness for randomness, namely, that every Martin-Löf random sequence has effective dimension (...)
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    Algorithmic randomness of continuous functions.George Barmpalias, Paul Brodhead, Douglas Cenzer, Jeffrey B. Remmel & Rebecca Weber - 2008 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 46 (7-8):533-546.
    We investigate notions of randomness in the space ${{\mathcal C}(2^{\mathbb N})}$ of continuous functions on ${2^{\mathbb N}}$ . A probability measure is given and a version of the Martin-Löf test for randomness is defined. Random ${\Delta^0_2}$ continuous functions exist, but no computable function can be random and no random function can map a computable real to a computable real. The image of a random continuous function is always a perfect set and hence uncountable. For any ${y \in 2^{\mathbb N}}$ , (...)
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    Preface.Douglas Cenzer & Rebecca Weber - 2008 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 46 (7-8):529-531.
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    Degree invariance in the Π10classes.Rebecca Weber - 2011 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 76 (4):1184-1210.
    Let ℰΠ denote the collection of all Π01 classes, ordered by inclusion. A collection of Turing degrees.
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