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  1. Correlations and causality in quantum field theory.Robert M. Wald - 1986 - In Roger Penrose & C. J. Isham (eds.), Quantum Concepts in Space and Time. New York ;Oxford University Press. pp. 293--301.
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    Black holes and quantum coherence.Robert M. Wald - 1986 - Foundations of Physics 16 (5):499-506.
    We attempt to gain some insight into the issue of whether pure states evolve to density matrices in the black hole evaporation process by examining the mode functions of the particles entering the black hole which are correlated with the particles which escape to infinity. We show that these particles enter the black hole singularity at relatively early times. This tends to support the view that pure states evolve to density matrices, i.e., that in this process quantum coherence is lost.
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    The role of time in the interpretation of the wave function of the universe.Robert M. Wald - 1991 - In A. Ashtekar & J. Stachel (eds.), Conceptual Problems of Quantum Gravity. Birkhauser. pp. 1--211.
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    The Genesis of General Relativity: Sources and Interpretations, Jürgen Renn (Ed.). Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 250. Springer (2006). 1152 pp. (649.00 €), ISBN: 9781402039997. [REVIEW]Robert M. Wald - 2009 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 40 (2):192-193.