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    A Meta-Analysis of the Object-Based Compatibility Effect.Shaheed Azaad, Simon M. Laham & Phebe Shields - 2019 - Cognition 190:105-127.
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    Alternatives to the Fixed-Set Model: A Review of Appraisal Models of Emotion. [REVIEW]Julian W. Fernando, Yoshihisa Kashima & Simon M. Laham - 2017 - Cognition and Emotion 31 (1):19-32.
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    A Meta-Analysis of the Facilitation of Arm Flexion and Extension Movements as a Function of Stimulus Valence.Simon M. Laham, Yoshihisa Kashima, Jennifer Dix & Melissa Wheeler - 2015 - Cognition and Emotion 29 (6):1069-1090.
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    Easy on the Mind, Easy on the Wrongdoer: Discrepantly Fluent Violations Are Deemed Less Morally Wrong.Simon M. Laham, Adam L. Alter & Geoffrey P. Goodwin - 2009 - Cognition 112 (3):462-466.
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    Elaborated Contextual Framing is Necessary for Action-Based Attitude Acquisition.Simon M. Laham, Yoshihisa Kashima, Jennifer Dix, Melissa Wheeler & Bianca Levis - 2014 - Cognition and Emotion 28 (6):1119-1126.
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    An Investigation of the Use of Linguistic Probes “by” and “in Order to” in Assessing Moral Grammar.Hanne M. Watkins & Simon M. Laham - 2016 - Thinking and Reasoning 22 (1):16-30.
    ABSTRACTProponents of the linguistic analogy suggest that methodologies originally developed for investigating linguistic grammar can also be fruitfully applied to the empirical study of moral grammar: the causal and intentional representations of moral events which – according to the linguistic analogy – drive moral judgements. In the current study, we put this claim to the empirical test. Participants were presented with moral dilemmas which previously have been shown to implement a central principle in moral judgements: the principle of double effect. (...)
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    Social Motivation: Conscious and Unconscious Processes.Joseph P. Forgas, Kipling D. Williams & Simon M. Laham (eds.) - 2004 - Cambridge University Press.
    Ground-breaking research by leading international researchers on the nature, functions and characteristics of social motivation.
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