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    Riku Välitalo, Hannu Juuso & Ari Sutinen (2016). Philosophy for Children as an Educational Practice. Studies in Philosophy and Education 35 (1):79-92.
    During the past 40 years, the <span class='Hi'>Philosophy</span> for <span class='Hi'>Children</span> movement has developed a dialogical framework for education that has inspired people both inside and outside academia. This article concentrates on analysing the historical development in general and then taking a more rigorous look at the recent discourse of the movement. The analysis proceeds by examining the changes between the so-called first and second generation, which suggests that <span class='Hi'>Philosophy</span> for <span class='Hi'>Children</span> is adapting to a postmodern world by (...)
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    Ari Sutinen (2007). Constructivism and Education: Education as an Interpretative Transformational Process. [REVIEW] Studies in Philosophy and Education 27 (1):1-14.
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    Ari Sutinen (2013). Two Project Methods: Preliminary Observations on the Similarities and Differences Between William Heard Kilpatrick's Project Method and John Dewey's Problem-Solving Method. Educational Philosophy and Theory 45 (10):1040-1053.