1. Identity, Indiscernibility, and Philosophical Claims.Décio Krause & Antonio Mariano Nogueira Coelho - 2005 - Axiomathes 15 (2):191-210.
    The concept of indiscernibility in a structure is analysed with the aim of emphasizing that in asserting that two objects are indiscernible, it is useful to consider these objects as members of (the domain of) a structure. A case for this usefulness is presented by examining the consequences of this view to the philosophical discussion on identity and indiscernibility in quantum theory.
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    Da Costa on Ontology: A Naturalistic Interpretation.Antonio Mariano Nogueira Coelho - 2011 - Manuscrito 34 (1):143-150.
    da Costa’s conception of being modifies that of Quine to incorporate relativization to non-classical logics. A naturalistic view of this conception is discussed. This view tries to extend to logic some ideas of Maddy’s naturalism concerning mathematics.
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  3. Observações sobre a neutralidade ontológica da matemática.Geraldo Gelowate, Décio Krause & Antonio Mariano Nogueira Coelho - 2003 - Episteme 17:145-157.
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