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    Charles L. Creegan (1997). Either/Or, I (International Kierkegaard Commentary, 3). Teaching Philosophy 20 (2):199-204.
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    Charles L. Creegan (1989). Wittgenstein and Kierkegaard: Religion, Individuality, and Philosophical Method. Routledge.
  3. Charles L. Creegan (1997). Daniel A. Dombrowski, Analytic Theism, Hartshorne, and the Concept of God Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 17 (6):402-404.
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    Charles L. Creegan, Kierkegaard's Relations.
    There are intriguing congruities between Kierkegaard and some recent tendencies in feminism and post-modern thought.1 Neither Kierkegaard, feminists, nor post-modernism are systematic (that's one congruity right there!), so the common points can't be neatly tabulated. But (again typically of all the parties concerned) they tend to lie in three areas: methodology, communicative strategy, and the rejection of procrustean metaphysics. In what follows I will try to assemble some fragments which point out these congruities.
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