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Daryl Close
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  1. Fair Grades.Daryl Close - 2009 - Teaching Philosophy 32 (4):361-398.
    Fair grading is modeled on two fundamental principles. The first principle is that grading should be impartial and consistent. The second principle is that a fair grade should be based on the student’s competence in the academic content of the course. I derive corollary principles of fair grading from these two basic principles and use them to evaluate common grading practices. I argue that exempting students from completing certain grade components is unfair, as is grading on attendance, class rank, deportment,tardiness, (...)
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  2. What is non-epistemic seeing?Daryl Close - 1976 - Mind 85 (April):161-170.
  3. Teaching the PARC System of Natural Deduction.Daryl Close - 2015 - American Association of Philosophy Teachers Studies in Pedagogy 1:201-218.
    PARC is an "appended numeral" system of natural deduction that I learned as an undergraduate and have taught for many years. Despite its considerable pedagogical strengths, PARC appears to have never been published. The system features explicit "tracking" of premises and assumptions throughout a derivation, the collapsing of indirect proofs into conditional proofs, and a very simple set of quantificational rules without the long list of exceptions that bedevil students learning existential instantiation and universal generalization. The system can be used (...)
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    Contemporary Moral Controversies in Business.Daryl Close - 1991 - Teaching Philosophy 14 (4):479-482.
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    Vendler on what is stated.Daryl Close - 1981 - Philosophia 9 (3-4):331-337.
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    Teaching the PARC System of Natural Deduction.Daryl Close - 2015 - Aapt Studies in Pedagogy 1:201-218.
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    More on non-epistemic seeing.Daryl Close - 1980 - Mind 89 (January):99-105.
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    Morality in Criminal Justice: An Introduction to Ethics.Daryl Close & Nicholas Meier - 1995 - Wadsworth Publishing Company.
    The authors introduce the foundations of philosophical and moral thinking with cases and readings in criminal justice ethics. The text focuses on practitioner-oriented topics, corrections, juvenile justice, probation, law enforcement, etc. Essential readings define the field; they are presented along with questions designed to help students master the material. This book is an outgrowth of a unique teaching and writing effort, combining the skills and backgrounds of philosopher Daryl Close with those of Nicholas Meier, an academic expert in criminal justice (...)
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