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David Fletcher
Wheaton College, Illinois
  1.  75
    Gambling and Character.David B. Fletcher - 2003 - International Journal of Applied Philosophy 17 (1):1-15.
    Legalized gambling has all the hallmarks of a large-scale moral and social concern, yet, remarkably, philosophers have paid scarce attention to the moral issues surrounding this phenomenon. I believe that this neglect is unjustified. While much could be said about gambling in terms of its social impact, I offer an account on the moral status of gambling and avoid the temptation to give a “thin” account in simply categorizing gambling as “permissible” or “impermissible.” I attempt to assess its impact on (...)
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    Must Wolterstorff Sell His House?David B. Fletcher - 1987 - Faith and Philosophy 4 (2):187-197.
    In his recent book, Until Justice and Peace Embrace, Nicholas Wolterstorff claims that in ethics there exist “sustenance rights,” also called “positive rights,” which demand that people be provided the requirements of productive social living, including food, clothing, shelter, healthful environments, and elementary health care. I defend Wolterstorff’s claims against attacks by social theologian Richard John Neuhaus, who argues in effect that to grant sustenance rights implies both personal and theoretical acceptance of an unreasonable obligation which I call the Duty (...)
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    The Elements of Moral Philosophy.David B. Fletcher - 1987 - Teaching Philosophy 10 (3):255-257.