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Joseph M. Spencer
University of New Mexico
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    Economy suspended: the possibilities of a Badiouian business ethics.Robert B. Couch & Joseph M. Spencer - 2013 - Business Ethics: A European Review 22 (4):404-416.
    In the philosophy of Alain Badiou, ethics can only arise in relation to an evental truth procedure that breaks from the economic logic of a situation. Further, because for Badiou there cannot be economic truths per se – rather, economic matters must be understood in their relation to one or more truths in the domain of love, art, science or politics – a Badiouian business ethics would look entirely distinct from any ethics that simply places limits on certain kinds of (...)
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    Rancièrean Atomism: Clarifying the Debate between Jacques Rancière and Alain Badiou.Joseph M. Spencer - 2015 - Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 23 (2):98-121.
    In the late 1970s and the 1980s, a number of radical left political theorists focused their philosophical attention on the relevance of ancient atomism, revitalizing a tradition that went back to Karl Marx's work on his dissertation. This essay looks at the uses of atomism by two thinkers in particular, Jacques Rancière and Alain Badiou, in order to see how their discussions of and references to ancient materialism help to shed light on their fundamental disagreements about the nature of community (...)
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    The Laruellean Clinamen: François Laruelle and French Atomism.Joseph M. Spencer - 2018 - Continental Philosophy Review 51 (4):527-547.
    According to François Laruelle, French thought has been unduly influenced by corpuscular or atomist thinking, yet Laruelle has himself employed key atomist terms—in particular, that of the clinamen or swerve—in framing his own style of thought. This essay looks at this tension between atomism and anti-atomism in Laruelle’s thought, taking the measure of his contribution to a larger stream of postwar French thinking about the relevance and stakes of ancient atomism. Its contention is that Laruelle subtly but really outlines a (...)
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    Humanism and anti-humanism in the philosophy of Alain Badiou.Joseph M. Spencer - 2012 - Appraisal 9 (1).
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    Badiou and Frege: A Continental Critique of Logical Form.Joseph M. Spencer - 2018 - Open Philosophy 1 (1):94-114.
    Various critiques of important analytic thinkers made by Alain Badiou in the late 1960s have been largely overlooked by continental philosophers and entirely overlooked by analytic philosophers. This paper looks in detail at Badiou’s 1969 essay ‟Mark and Lack,” providing an exposition and clarification of his direct and sustained critique of Gottlob Frege’s supposed ideological philosophical commitments. Badiou’s intellectual context is analyzed in some detail, not only explaining his theoretical debt to his then-master Louis Althusser, but also clarifying his understandings (...)
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