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    ‘Martin Buber: A Relational Perspective on Human Meaning and Purpose’.Kathleen O'Dwyer - 2009 - Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism 17 (2):15-34.
  2.  5
    The Possibility of Love: An Interdisciplinary Analysis.Kathleen O'Dwyer - 2009 - Cambridge Scholars Press.
    The book is essentially a philosophical analysis of an emotion that significantly impacts on human experience.
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  3.  21
    Was Freud at Heart a Realistic Romantic?Kathleen O'Dwyer - 2009 - Kritike 3 (1):94-115.
    The birth of psychoanalysis at the close of the nineteenth centurycoincided with a questioning of philosophical traditions and methodsepitomized by Nietzsche’s assault on current thinking. The Enlightenment had seen the questioning of religion as an explanation and a revelation of reality and of human life within that reality; science had been instigated as a more ‘enlightened’ and a more rational provider of truth and knowledge; but the ongoing nature of philosophical thought continued to encounter new challenges and the re-phrasing of (...)
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