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    From the Imaginary to Subjectivation: Castoriadis and Touraine on the Performative Public Sphere.Kenneth H. Tucker - 2005 - Thesis Eleven 83 (1):42-60.
    Neither Habermas nor his communitarian and poststructuralist critics sufficiently explore the non-linguistic, playful, and performative dimensions of contemporary public spheres. I argue that the approaches of Castoriadis and Touraine can inform a theoretical understanding of the history and current resonance of this public sphere of performance. Their concepts of the social imaginary, the autonomous society, and subjectivation highlight the role of fantasy, images, individualism, and other non-rational factors in late modern public life.
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    Aesthetics, Play, and Cultural Memory: Giddens and Habermas on the Postmodern Challenge.Kenneth H. Tucker - 1993 - Sociological Theory 11 (2):194-211.
    This essay examines the response of Habermas and Giddens to postmodern criticisms of modernity. Although Giddens and Habermas recognize that the "totalizing critique" of poststructuralism lacks a convincing analysis of social interaction, neither of their perspectives adequately addresses the postmodern themes of aesthetics, play, and cultural memory. Giddens and Habermas believe that these dimensions of social life are important; yet they remain underdeveloped in their approaches. This essay explores the theoretical consequences of aesthetics, play, and cultural traditions for social theory, (...)
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    Book Review, The Play of the Self. Edited by Ronald Bogue and Mihai I. Spariosu. [REVIEW]Kenneth H. Tucker Jr - 1998 - Human Studies 21 (1):97-103.
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  4. Classical Social Theory: A Contemporary Approach.Kenneth H. Tucker - 2002 - Blackwell.