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  1. A Matter of Principles?: Ferment in U.S. Bioethics.Edwin R. DuBose, Ronald P. Hamel & Laurence J. O'Connell (eds.) - 1994 - Trinity Press International.
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  2. AIDS 519 Murphy, Timothy F. Health-Care Workers with AIDS and a Patient's Right to Know 553 Nelson, James Lindemann. Publicity and Pricelessness: Grassroots Decisionmaking and Justice in Rationing 333. [REVIEW]Laurence J. O'Connell, James Parker, Mary C. Rawlinson, Massimo Reichlin, David Resnik, John Sadler, Yosaf Hulgus, George Agich, Marian Gray Secundy & Mark J. Sedler - 1994 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 19:641-645.
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    The Religious and Spiritual Perspective Toward Human Organ Donation and Transplantation.Laurence J. O'Connell - 2001 - Advances in Bioethics 7:277-292.
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    The United States Bishops' Committee Statement on Nutrition and Hydration Commentary.Laurence J. O'Connell, Ronald E. Cranford, T. Patrick Hill & Roberta Springer Loewy - 1993 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 2 (3):341.
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    Religious Perspectives and the Work of the Ethics Committee.Laurence J. O'Connell - 1995 - HEC Forum 7 (4):205-210.
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    Ethicists and Health Care Reform: An Indecent Proposal?Laurence J. O'Connell - 1994 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 19 (5):419-424.
    The Clinton Administration stated that the list of values and moral principles generated by the Ethics group reflects "fundamental national beliefs about community, equality, and liberty" and that "these convictions anchor health reform in shared moral traditions." However, these statements are difficult to justify. There is not a moral consensus in America that would justify thorough-going health care reform. In such a context of pluralism, ethicists should seek to move society in the direction of solidarity. The participation of ethicists on (...)
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