1. French philosophers from Descartes to Sartre.Leonard Mendes Marsak - 1961 - Cleveland,: World Pub. Co..
  2.  6
    The Enlightenment.Leonard Mendes Marsak - 1972 - New York,: Wiley.
  3.  15
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    History and chronicle, by B. Croce.--History as a system, by J. Ortega y Gasset.--The idea of history, by R. G. Collingwood.--The historian's purpose; history and metahistory, by A. Bullock.--What are historians trying to do? By H. Pirenne.--What are historical facts? By C. Becker.--The concept of scientific history, by I. Berlin.--Reason in history, by G. W. F. Hegel.--The hedgehog and the fox, by I. Berlin.--What is history? By E. H. Carr.--Faith and history, by R. Niebuhr.--The world and the west, by A. (...)
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