Lev R. Ginzburg [3]Lev Ginzburg [3]
  1. Ecological Orbits: How Planets Move and Populations Grow.Lev Ginzburg & Mark Colyvan - unknown
    The main focus of the book is the presentation of the 'inertial' view of population growth. This view provides a rather simple model for complex population dynamics, and is achieved at the level of the single species without invoking species interactions. An important part of this account is the maternal effect. Investment of mothers in the quality of their daughters makes the rate of reproduction of the current generation depend not only on the current environment, but also on the environment (...)
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  2. The Galilean Turn in Population Ecology.Mark Colyvan & Lev R. Ginzburg - 2003 - Biology and Philosophy 18 (3):401-414.
    The standard mathematical models in population ecology assume that a population's growth rate is a function of its environment. In this paper we investigate an alternative proposal according to which the rate of change of the growth rate is a function of the environment and of environmental change. We focus on the philosophical issues involved in such a fundamental shift in theoretical assumptions, as well as on the explanations the two theories offer for some of the key data such as (...)
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  3. Analogical Thinking in Ecology.Mark Colyvan & Lev R. Ginzburg - unknown
    We consider several ways in which a good understanding of modern techniques and principles in physics can elucidate ecology. We focus on analogical reasoning between these two branches of science. This style of reasoning requires an understanding of both sciences and an appreciation of the similarities and points of contact between the two. In the current ecological literature on the relationship between ecology and physics, there has been some misunderstanding about the nature of modern physics and its methods. Physics is (...)
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    Judgment Under Uncertainty: Evolution May Not Favor a Probabilistic Calculus.Lev R. Ginzburg, Charles Janson & Scott Ferson - 1996 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (1):24.
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    Historical Aspects of the Development of National Musical Cultures of the Soviet Union—an Attempt of a Socio-Aesthetic Survey.Lev Ginzburg - 1993 - History of European Ideas 16 (4-6):705-706.
  6. Russian Music of the Nineties: Back to Europe.Lev Ginzburg - 1995 - History of European Ideas 20 (1-3):469-476.