1. The Atom in a Molecule as a Mereological Construct in Chemistry.N. Sukumar - 2013 - Foundations of Chemistry 15 (3):303-309.
    In this paper I discuss some consequences and manifestations of a mereology of structured wholes in chemistry, with particular reference to the concept of atoms in molecules.
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    The Chemist’s Concept of Molecular Structure.N. Sukumar - 2008 - Foundations of Chemistry 11 (1):7-20.
    The concept of molecular structure is fundamental to the practice and understanding of chemistry, but the meaning of this term has evolved and is still evolving. The Born–Oppenheimer separation of electronic and nuclear motions lies at the heart of most modern quantum chemical models of molecular structure. While this separation introduces a great computational and practical simplification, it is neither essential to the conceptual formulation of molecular structure nor universally valid. Going beyond the Born–Oppenheimer approximation introduces new paradigms, bringing fresh (...)
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    Ontological Status of Time in Chemistry.N. Sukumar - 2020 - Foundations of Chemistry 22 (3):353-361.
    While temporal considerations are of prime importance for chemical reactions, as well as for molecular stability, most chemical concepts are not explicitly formulated on a diachronic basis. It will be argued here that a formulation explicitly incorporating temporal and epistemological considerations enables us to treat chemical reactions and chemical substances on ontologically equivalent terms, instead of assigning a more fundamental status to the latter. After all, in collision theory, a chemical substance is just a collision complex that takes too long. (...)
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    Computational Homogenization of Material Layers with Micromorphic Mesostructure.C. B. Hirschberger, N. Sukumar & P. Steinmann - 2008 - Philosophical Magazine 88 (30-32):3603-3631.