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    Ecstatic Subjects, Utopia, and Recognition: Kristeva, Heidegger, Irigaray.Patricia J. Huntington - 1998 - State University of New York Press.
    Interweaves elements of Kristevan and Heideggerian thought in order to reconstruct a linguistically embedded, existentially and affectively rich, dialectical model of willed self-regulation.
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  2. Ecstatic Subjects, Utopia, and Recognition: Kristeva, Heidegger, Irigaray.Patricia J. Huntington - 2000 - Utopian Studies 11 (1):170-172.
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    Feminist Interpretations of Martin Heidegger.Nancy J. Holland & Patricia J. Huntington (eds.) - 2001 - Pennsylvania State University Press.
    Martin Heidegger's commitment to the idea that _Dasein_ is ultimately gender neutral, as well as several other major aspects of his thought, raises significant questions for feminist philosophers. The fourteen essays included in this volume clearly illustrate the ways in which feminist readings can deepen our understanding of his philosophy. They illuminate both the richness and the limitations of the resources his work can provide for feminist thought. This volume engages the full scope of Heidegger's writings from_ Being and Time (...)
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    Loneliness and Lament: A Journey to Receptivity.Patricia J. Huntington - 2009 - Indiana University Press.
    Patricia Joy Huntington reflects that loneliness does not only consist of the heartfelt absences of a friend, partner, spouse, or child, but rather stems from a radical breach in one's life journey. In this conceptually rigorous and warmly poetic book, Huntington develops a unique philosophy of receptivity and an original portrait of redemptive suffering. By fully exploring notions of pain, she also examines how the relation between the heart's musical attunement and meaning-filled life passages can lead one to a more (...)
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  5. Autonomy, Community, and Solidarity: Some Implications of Heidegger's Thought for the Feminist Alliance with Poststructuralism.Patricia J. Huntington - 1993 - Dissertation, Fordham University
    My dissertation traces key aspects of the conceptual influence of Heidegger's work on feminist poststructuralist theories. This archeology enables me to indicate that poststructualism cannot provide the foundation necessary to forming three normative ideals requisite to a viable feminist theory: personal autonomy, heterogeneous community, and solidarity. I argue that certain versions of poststructuralism repeat Heidegger's abstraction from an hermeneutics of suspicion and his totalizing rejection of modernity. Without a theory of willed ignorance, post-Lacanian feminism undercuts women's agency. And, without tying (...)
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    Matrix and Line: Derrida and the Possibilities of Postmodern Social Theory. [REVIEW]Patricia J. Huntington & Martin J. Matustik - 1993 - Radical Philosophy Review of Books 8 (8):4-12.
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