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    Butterfly Wings: The Evolution of Development of Colour Patterns.Paul M. Brakefield & Vernon French - 1999 - Bioessays 21 (5):391-401.
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    Butterfly Wing Patterns.Paul M. Brakefield & Vernon French - 1993 - Acta Biotheoretica 41 (4):447-468.
    This paper integrates genetical studies of variation in the wing patterns of Lepidoptera with experimental investigations of developmental mechanisms. Research on the tropical butterfly,Bicyclus anynana, is described. This work includes artificial selection of lines with different patterns of wing eyespots followed by grafting experiments on the lines to examine the phenotypic and genetic differences in terms of developmental mechanisms. The results are used to show how constraints on the evolution of this wing pattern may be related to the developmental organisation. (...)
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    Butterfly Eyespot Patterns: Evidence for Specification by a Morphogen Diffusion Gradient.Antónia Monteiro, Vernon French, Gijs Smit, Paul M. Brakefield & Johan A. J. Metz - 2001 - Acta Biotheoretica 49 (2):77-88.
    In this paper we describe a test for Nijhout's hypothesis that the eyespot patterns on butterfly wings are the result of a threshold reaction of the epidermal cells to a concentration gradient of a diffusing degradable morphogen produced by focal cells at the centre of the future eyespot. The wings of the nymphalid butterfly, Bicyclus anynana, have a series of eyespots, each composed of a white pupil, a black disc and a gold outer ring. In earlier extirpation and transplantation experiments (...)
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    A Focus on Both Form and Function in Examining.Paul M. Brakefield - 2009 - In Manfred Laubichler & Jane Maienschein (eds.), Form and Function in Developmental Evolution. Cambridge University Press. pp. 112.
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