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  1. Western Views of Islam in the Middle Ages.R. W. SOUTHERN - 1962
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    Scholastic Humanism and the Unification of Europe: The Heroic Age.R. W. Southern - 1995 - Blackwell.
    This is the second of the three volumes comprising, Scholastic Humanism and the Unification of Europe. Focussing on the period from c.1090-1212, the volume explores the lives, scholarly resources, and contributions of a wide sample of people who either took part in the creation of the scholastic system of thought or gave practical effect to it in public life. The second volume of a compelling, original work which will redefine our perceptions of medieval civilization, the renaissance and the evolution of (...)
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    Robert Grosseteste: The Growth of an English Mind in Medieval Europe.R. W. Southern - 1986 - Oxford University Press.
    Robert Grosseteste was one of the most independent and vigorous Englishmen of the Middle Ages--a medieval Dr. Johnson in his powers of mind and personality. Of humble birth, he lived for many years in obscurity and emerged only late in life as a national figure, deeply conservative and profoundly critical of the contemporary world. As a scientist, theologian, and pastoral leader, he was rooted in an English tradition going back beyond the Norman Conquest. This comprehensive study of one of England's (...)
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  4. CHIBNALL, The Historia Pontificalis of John of Salisbury. [REVIEW]R. W. Southern - 1957 - Hibbert Journal 56:100.
  5. Physics in Aristotle.R. W. Southern - forthcoming - History of Science.
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  6. Platonism, Scholastic Method and the School of Chartres.R. W. Southern - 1979
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    Essay Review: Technology and History: Medieval Technology and Social ChangeMedieval Technology and Social Change. WhiteLynnJr. . Pp. xli + 194. 30s.R. W. Southern - 1963 - History of Science 2 (1):130-135.
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    Technology and History.R. W. Southern - 1963 - History of Science 2:130.