Ryan Showler [3]Ryan L. Showler [1]
  1.  39
    Kant’s Concept of the Highest Good and the Archetype-Ectype Distinction.Victoria S. Wike & Ryan L. Showler - 2010 - Journal of Value Inquiry 44 (4):521-533.
  2.  30
    The Problem of the Inefficacy of Knowledge in Early Buddhist Soteriology.Ryan Showler - 2008 - Kritike 2 (2):162-170.
    Early Buddhism has been described as a “gnostic soteriology” in that itsees the chief cause of life’s unsatisfactoriness to be ignorance of certain metaphysical truths, and that once this ignorance is eliminated through awareness of the true nature of reality, the suffering that is rooted in ignorance goes away with it. In what follows, I will describe a significant problem that early Buddhism faces, as does any gnostic soteriology, and propose a solution to the problem. This is a quasi-analytic study (...)
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    Iain P. D. Morrisson, Kant and the Role of Pleasure in Moral Action. Reviewed By.Ryan Showler - 2010 - Philosophy in Review 30 (4):286-288.
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