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Sherrie L. Lyons [3]Sherrie Lynne Lyons [2]
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    The origins of T. H. Huxley's saltationism: History in Darwin's shadow.Sherrie L. Lyons - 1995 - Journal of the History of Biology 28 (3):463-494.
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    Evolution: The Basics.Sherrie Lynne Lyons - 2011 - Routledge.
    Evolution: The Basics is an engaging introduction to the history, development and science of the theory of evolution. Beginning pre-Darwin and concluding with the latest research and controversies, readers are introduced to the origins of the idea of evolution, the ways in which it has developed and been adapted over time and the science underpinning it all. Topics addressed include: • early theories of evolution • the impact of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species • the discovery of genetics and (...)
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    The J.H.B. Bookshelf.Marjorie Grene, Sherrie L. Lyons, Mark V. Barrow Jr, Ronald Rainger, Susan Lindee, Jane Maienschein, Michael Fortun & Joel B. Hagen - 1994 - Journal of the History of Biology 27 (1):161-175.
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    Thomas huxley: Fossils, persistence, and the argument from design.Sherrie L. Lyons - 1993 - Journal of the History of Biology 26 (3):545-569.
    In struggling to free science from theological implications, Huxley let his own philosophical beliefs influence his interpretation of the data. However, he was certainly not unique in this respect. Like the creationists he despised, he made many important contributions to the issue of progression in the fossil record and its relationship to evolutionary theory. Certainly other factors were involved as well. Undoubtedly, just the sheer inertia of ideas played a role. He was committed to a theory of type and was (...)
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