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    Experience-Dependent Changes in Cerebral Activation During Human Rem Sleep.Pierre Maquet, Steven Laureys, Philippe Peigneux, Sonia Fuchs, Christophe Petiau, Christophe Phillips, Joel Aerts, Guy Del Fiore, Christian Degueldre, Thierry Meulemans, Andre Luxen, Georges Franck, Martial Van Der Linden, Carlyle Smith & Axel Cleeremans - 2000 - Nature Neuroscience 3 (8):831-36.
    Pierre Maquet1,2,6, Steven Laureys1,2, Philippe Peigneux1,2,3, Sonia Fuchs1, Christophe Petiau1, Christophe Phillips1,6, Joel Aerts1, Guy Del Fiore1, Christian Degueldre1, Thierry Meulemans3, André Luxen1, Georges Franck1,2, Martial Van Der Linden3, Carlyle Smith4 and Axel Cleeremans5.
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    Beyond the Experience: Detection of Metamemorial Regularities.Marie Geurten, Sylvie Willems & Thierry Meulemans - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 33:16-23.
  3. Can the Exploration of Left Space Be Induced Implicitly in Unilateral Neglect?Murielle Wansard, Paolo Bartolomeo, Valérie Vanderaspoilden, Marie Geurten & Thierry Meulemans - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 31:115-123.