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    When Timing the Mind Should Also Mind the Timing: Biases in the Measurement of Voluntary Actions.Steve Joordens, Marc van Duijn & Thomas M. Spalek - 2002 - Consciousness and Cognition 11 (2):231-40.
    Trevena and Miller provide further evidence that readiness potentials occur in the brain prior to the time that participants claim to have initiated a voluntary movement, a contention originally forwarded by Libet, Gleason, Wright, and Pearl . In their examination of this issue, though, aspects of their data lead them to question whether their measurement of the initiation of a voluntary movement was accurate. The current article addresses this concern by providing a direct analysis of biases in this task. This (...)
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    Turning the Process-Dissociation Procedure Inside-Out: A New Technique for Understanding the Relation Between Conscious and Unconscious Influences.Steve Joordens, Daryl E. Wilson, Thomas M. Spalek & Dwayne E. Paré - 2010 - Consciousness and Cognition 19 (1):270-280.
    While there is now general agreement that memory gives rise to both conscious and unconscious influences, there remains disagreement concerning the process architecture underlying these distinct influences. Do they arise from independent underlying systems or from systems that are interactive ? In the current paper we present a novel “inside-out” technique that can be used with the process-dissociation paradigm to arrive at more concrete conclusions concerning this central question and demonstrate this technique via a meta-analysis of currently published findings. Our (...)
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