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    A Hermeneutic Response to Apologists and Atheists.Brant Entrekin - 2021 - Aporia 31 (2):12-22.
    In this paper, I argue that, following from the work of Bultmann and Ricoeur, traditional apologetic approaches to the Bible fail as they neglect the existential nature of the text and, thus, fail to recognize the decision of the non-believer as legitimate. By the same token, however, the "refutational atheist" responses to believers fail to recognize the legitimacy of the “yes” answer to existentiell decision the Bible poses. Though it is a difficult position to stake out in current religious discourse, (...)
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    On the Difference Between Episodic and Autobiographical Memories.Gabriel Zaccaro - 2021 - Aporia 21:65-78.
    Is there a difference between recollecting episodes from the past and recalling autobiographically? Both in the philosophical and psychological literature, it does not seem that there is a consensus on whether autobiographical memories should be considered as a metaphysically equivalent concept to episodic memories or a different category of memory entirely. In this article, I give reasons to believe that autobiographical memories do not relate to the recollection of past episodes since they do not have an associated subjective experience and (...)
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