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    Who is the Lifelong Learner? Globalization, Lifelong Learning and Hermeneutics.Bengt Kristensson Uggla - 2008 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 27 (4):211-226.
    The aim of this essay is to elaborate on the inner connection between three such diverse entities as lifelong learning, globalization and hermeneutics. After placing lifelong learning in a societal context framed by globalization, my intention is to reflect on the prerequisites for introducing a hermeneutical contribution to the understanding of lifelong learning. First, it is stated that globalization is the most profound horizon today for explaining the current interest we experience in both lifelong learning and hermeneutics. Second, from these (...)
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    Nowhere is Always Now and Here.Bengt Kristensson Uggla - 2012 - Journal of Philosophical Research 37 (Supplement):303-312.
    This paper presents a critical reflection on the attempts to determine the historical meaning of the present situation as a philosophical topic. To determine the specific interpretative character of the diagnostics of our contemporary situation—beyond both absolute knowledge and arbitrary thinking—this paper argues that “now” and “here” need to be defined in accordance with the concepts of “historical time” and “inhabited space.” This has been made possible as a result of the recent metamorphosis within the hermeneutical tradition.
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    The Hermeneutics of Creativity and Innovation in Knowledge Society – Between Structuralism and Pragmatism.Bengt Kristensson Uggla - 2017 - Philosophy of Management 16 (3):253-264.
    This article elaborates on the relationship between structuralism, hermeneutics and pragmatism, starting from what I comprehend as the inherent dilemma articulated in the policy documents concerning the emerging knowledge economy: the tension between innovation and adaptation. In the first section, I delineate a horizon of understanding for my presentation by defining the particular societal transformations in the historical context where the question of creativity and innovation has become of strategic importance. Then, in the second section, I suggest a diagnosis of (...)
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