Brent A. Singer [5]Brent Alan Singer [1]
  1. An Extension of Rawls' Theory of Justice to Environmental Ethics.Brent A. Singer - 1988 - Environmental Ethics 10 (3):217-231.
    By combining and augmenting recent arguments that have appeared in the literature, I show how a modified Rawlsian theory of justice generates a strong environmental and animal rights ethic. These modifications include significant changes in the conditions of the contract situation vis-a-vis A Theory of Justice, but I argue that these modifications are in fact more consistent with Rawls’ basic assumptions about the functions of a veil of ignorance and a thin theory of the good.
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    Sein Und Zeit Revisited.Brent A. Singer - 1988 - Philosophy Research Archives 14:311-332.
    In this paper I present the basic outlines of a nonstandard interpretation of Sein und Zeit. The merit of this interpretation is that it brings out and develops some of the radical possibilities contained in this rich text, possibilities which, I believe, have yet to be given their due. On the basis of this interpretation it is clear not only how Heidegger’s ontology departs from its Cartesian and Kantian predecessors, but also how his ontology puts the traditional mind/body problem, and (...)
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    Spinoza on Returning Hatred with Love.Brent A. Singer - 1988 - Journal of Moral Education 17 (1):3-10.
    Abstract Spinoza claims that by nature each person strives to repay hatred with love. Given that there is still so much war and threat of war, taking ?war? in its broadest sense, it would seem paradoxical that Spinoza could be right. I argue that he is. My argument is based on a reconstruction of his views that are presented in the Ethics. Analysis of the argument resolves the seeming paradox, and consistently highlights the role of moral education in determining conduct (...)
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