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  1. The Metaphors Of Consciousness.Charles T. Tart - 1981 - New York: Plenum Press.
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    States of consciousness.Charles T. Tart - 1975 - New York: E. P. Dutton.
    "A beautiful piece of work on the theory of altered states of consciousness ." "Stanislav Grof, M.D. author of Realms of the Human Unconsciousness".
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    Altered States of Consciousness.Charles T. Tart (ed.) - 1969 - Garden City, N.Y.,: (Third Edition).
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    Cosmic consciousness experience and psychedelic experiences: A first person comparison.Allan L. Smith & Charles T. Tart - 1998 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 5 (1):97-107.
    The descriptions in the literature of mystical experience and psychedelic experience, such as that induced by LSD, are usually written by persons who have actually experienced only one or perhaps neither of the two states. Because many of the most important effects can be understood by direct experience but only partially described in ordinary language, such lack of direct experience is a major drawback. Since there is disagreement over the question of whether mystical experience and LSD experience can be ‘the (...)
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  5. Introduction to the first edition.Charles T. Tart - 1990 - In Altered States of Consciousness. (Third Edition).
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    A systems approach to altered states of consciousness.Charles T. Tart - 1980 - In J. M. Davidson & Richard J. Davidson (eds.), The Psychobiology of Consciousness. Plenum. pp. 243--269.
  7. Consciousness: A psychological, transpersonal, and parapsychological approach.Charles T. Tart - 1993
  8. Investigating altered states of consciousness on their own terms: State-specific sciences.Charles T. Tart - 2000 - In Max Velmans (ed.), Investigating Phenomenal Consciousness: New Methodologies and Maps. John Benjamins.
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    Is searching for a soul inherently unscientific?Charles T. Tart - 1987 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 (4):612.
  10. Transpersonal psychology and methodologies for a comprehensive science of consciousness.Charles T. Tart - 1998 - In Stuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak & Alwyn Scott (eds.), Toward a Science of Consciousness II: The Second Tucson Discussions and Debates. MIT Press.
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  11. Transpersonal realities or neurophysiological illusions.Charles T. Tart - 1981 - In The Metaphors of Consciousness. New York: Plenum Press.
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    Yes, we are zombies, but we can become conscious.Charles T. Tart - 1995 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 2 (4):361-364.
    Moody ends his provocative article on `Conversations with zombies' by raising the possibility that `We might, after all, be zombies'. By zombies he means creatures who appear to act intelligently, like us, but who have no internal experience of consciousness. My basic point in this brief commentary will be to note as a basic observation that we are indeed, as a matter of verifiable fact, like zombies most of the time but we have a possibility of becoming conscious. The consequences (...)
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