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Christopher Suhler
University of California, San Diego (PhD)
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    Thank Goodness That Argument Is Over: Explaining the Temporal Value Asymmetry.Christopher Suhler & Craig Callender - 2012 - Philosophers' Imprint 12:1-16.
    An important feature of life is the temporal value asymmetry. Not to be confused with temporal discounting, the value asymmetry is the fact that we prefer future rather than past preferences be satisfied. Misfortunes are better in the past--where they are "over and done"--than in the future. Using recent work in empirical psychology and evolutionary theory, we develop a theory of the nature and causes of the temporal value asymmetry. The account we develop undercuts philosophy of time arguments such as (...)
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    Why the Method of Cases Doesn’t Work.Christopher Suhler - 2019 - Review of Philosophy and Psychology 10 (4):825-847.
    In recent years, there has been increasing discussion of whether philosophy actually makes progress. This discussion has been prompted, in no small part, by the depth and persistence of disagreement among philosophers on virtually every major theoretical issue in the field. In this paper, I examine the role that the Method of Cases – the widespread philosophical method of testing and revising theories by comparing their verdicts against our intuitions in particular cases – plays in creating and sustaining theoretical disagreements (...)
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    Agency and Control: The Subcortical Role in Good Decisions (Spanish Translation).Patricia S. Churchland & Christopher L. Suhler - 2022 - Revista de Humanidades de Valparaíso 20:231-250.
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    Psychology and Medical Decision-Making.Christopher Suhler & Patricia Churchland - 2009 - American Journal of Bioethics 9 (6-7):79-81.
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