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  1. David F. Austin (1990). What's the Meaning of 'This'?: A Puzzle About Demonstrative Belief. Cornell University Press.
    In recent literature in the philosophy of mind and language, one finds a variety of examples that raise serious problems for the traditional analysis of belief as a two-term relation between a believer and a proposition. My main purpose in this essay is to provide a critical test case for any theory of the propositional attitudes, and to demonstrate that this case really does present an unsolved puzzle. Chapter I defines the traditional, propositional analysis of belief, and then introduces a (...)
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    David F. Austin (1999). (Sexual) Quotation Without (Sexual) Harassment?, Pornography in the College Classroom. In Vern Bullough & James Elias (eds.), Porn 101: Proceedings of the 1998 World Pornography Conference. Prometheus Books.
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    David F. Austin (1983). Plantinga’s Theory of Proper Names. Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 24 (1):115-132.
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    David F. Austin (1981). Plantinga on Actualism and Essences. Philosophical Studies 39 (1):35 - 42.
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    David F. Austin, A Note on Universal Targeting and Hostile Environment Harassment.
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  6. David F. Austin (1993). Philosophical Analysis: A Defense By Example. Noûs 27 (2):249-258.
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  7. David F. Austin, Jon Barwise & John Perry (2008). Suggested Further Reading. In Aloysius Martinich (ed.), The Philosophy of Language. Oxford University Press. pp. 78--468.
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